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The Best Argument for The Existence of God

Source: Matt Frdd on YouTube Trent gives us his best philosophical argument for the existence of God, and I play devil’s advocate. –Thanks to our sponsors!!!– 🌳 The Catholic Woodworker: (use discount code: mattfradd) 👁️Covenant Eyes: (use promo code: mattfradd) 🙏Hallow: 🎥 Check out the Full Episode:…
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Despair Not, Good Soul

Source: Sensus Fidelium on YouTube In the Biblical story of Tobias, we find two good people–Tobias and Sara–despairing. They did not despair of their friendship with God but in their friendship with their fellow men. Man is a social animal. Without the proper support from his fellow man, he loses…

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Thoughts on the Lay Vocation

This column first appeared on the website The Catholic Thing ( Copyright 2020. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission. Over the past eighteen months, we’ve heard a great deal about the need for lay activism and lay collaboration in the management of Church affairs.  I’m all for it.  Such action items are,…