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Getting Fact-Checked

Source: Brian Holdsworth via YouTube Support the channel by joining the Reinforcements at https://brianholdsworth.ca. Take a look at our sponsor Real Estate for Life if you are looking to find a new home and would appreciate the help of realtor who shares your beliefs: https://realestateforlife.org/ Music written and generously provided […]

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The Best Argument for God’s Existence

Source: Brian Holdsworth via YouTube Music written and generously provided by Paul Jernberg. Find out more about his work as a composer here: https://pauljernberg.com Spanish translations by Vélez Translations, https://www.veleztranslations.com Every human society that we have records for, every civilization, has nurtured some moral code of behaviour. And in many […]

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How to Disagree Well

Source: Bishop Robert Barron via YouTube An article by the Protestant pastor Timothy Keller offers “6 Principles for How to Argue When You Disagree” (https://bit.ly/2zUAZSu). In today’s “Word on Fire Show,” Bishop Barron and Brandon Vogt and walk through the article and discuss how we can have better conversations with […]

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The Case For Jesus

Source: Refuting Atheism on YouTubeN.B. good audio, dull image quality, but content is good. A presentation given be Dr. Brant Pitre as part of the Newman Lecture Series at Our Lady of Wisdom Church and Catholic Student Center on the campus of the University of Louisiana, Lafayette. Header image: internetmonk.com […]