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Why Saudis are following Christ!

Christian convert Nasser al’Qahtani tells how as a Muslim he came to America, was trapped there because of the war in Iraq, married an American woman, and eventually, at great cost to himself, and suffering the rejection of his family in Saudi Arabia, became a believing Christian. He then recounts how that experience changed his life, his relationship with his wife, his career and in obedience to Jesus, his current mission to evangelise those whom Christ sends him to, not through arguments or apologetics, but through love.

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Tim Staples: “The Answer is Catholic”

Source: Michael Chong on YouTubeDuration: 56:21 mins. Tim Staples at the WBC (Why Be Catholic?) Conference, Australia, 2018. Tim is a Catholic convert from the Assemblies of God/Baptist/Protestant tradition, and apologist at Catholic Answers. He regularly appears on their YouTube channel’s online radio show entitled ‘Open Forum‘. Header image: Michael…