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Render Unto Caesar

Source: Catholic Productions via YouTube In Matthew 22, the Pharisees attempt to trip Jesus up again with a question about paying taxes to Caesar. Attempting to trap Jesus with a question that has problematic consequences no matter how he answered it if he would have answered it directly, Jesus tells […]

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Freedom from Anxiety

Source: Catholic Productions via YouTube In Philippians 4 writes to the Philippians on the key to have freedom from anxiety. And, in his teaching on having freedom from anxiety, Paul is perfectly aligned with what Jesus taught in Matthew 6. How can you practically be free from anxiety? Check out […]

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Jesus Walks on Water

When Jesus walks on water, it is possibly the most famous of all of Jesus’ miracles. However, this theophany of Jesus walking on the water is often dismissed by some skeptics as Jesus walking on a sand bar. Moreover, often overlooked, is the way that Jesus responds to the disciples when Jesus walks on the water. What do Jesus’ words mean in the context of him walking on the water? And, also, what do Jesus’ words mean in the context of how they begin worshiping Jesus when he gets into the boat after?

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The Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity is the most fundamental of all truths in the Christian faith that all other truths of the faith rest upon.
The difference between the mystery of the Holy Trinity and most, if not all, other mysteries of our faith is that this mystery of the Trinity is not about what God has done for us but about who God is in himself.

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Charismatic Gifts Explained

Charismatic Gifts are gifts that Paul speaks about in 1st Corinthians. But, what are these charismatic gifts and what is the purpose of Charismatic gifts for the Church?

Do they serve a function beyond themselves or are they merely a spiritual expression that has no further end?

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I Am The Way

Source: Catholic Productions via YouTube Jesus tells the Apostles that he is the way, the truth and the life. But, what does saying “I am the way” mean in the Jewish context? Check out this video with Dr. Brant Pitre and discover the deeper meaning behind this phrase. To learn […]

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God Chose What is Foolish to Shame the Wise

Source: Catholic Productions via YouTube To learn more about St. Paul’s theology of the Body of Christ, along with the connection between the Gospel reading, Responsorial Psalm, and the Old Testament reading for this Sunday’s Mass, subscribe today to The Mass Readings Explained: https://catholicproductions.com/pages… For more Bible studies by Dr. […]