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Will Only a Few Be Saved?

Source: Catholic Productions on YouTube

The Kingdom of Heaven is a theme that Jesus talks quite a lot about in his public ministry. But what is the Kingdom of Heaven like and, perhaps just as important, how do you get into the Kingdom of Heaven?

In Luke 13 Jesus is famously asked if many people will be saved. And, in the back drop of this, it appears that there is a standing debate among rabbis as to whether or not that would include all Israelites and those chosen by God from the Old Covenant, or if those who have committed grave sin would be excluded from the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus responds and appears to clearly affirm the latter — that entry into the Kingdom of Heaven can be denied to the one who commits grave sin – “iniquity”. Additionally, not only does Jesus affirm that those who commit iniquity (without repentance) disqualify themselves from the Kingdom of Heaven, but even those who may have acquaintanceship with Jesus, but do not intimately know him and he intimately know them will have the door shut upon them at their request to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

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