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Inspiring Homily for Our Times

Source: Bishop Robert Barron via YouTube Fr. Steve Grunow, gives an inspiring homily on how the apostles had to cope with, what appeared to them at the time, were new, unusual and difficult circumstances, with obvious lessons for our own times. Duration: 8 mins. The Homily starts automatically at 7:59 […]

Mass 3
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Understanding the Mass 3: The Homily, Creed, and General Intercessions

Source: Breaking In The Habit on YouTube After receiving a great gift in the Word proclaimed, the congregation is now sent out to live what they have become. SOCIAL MEDIA: Blog: https://goo.gl/QuB4ra Facebook: https://goo.gl/UoeKWy Twitter: https://goo.gl/oQs6ck Instagram: https://goo.gl/ShMbhH Podcast: https://goo.gl/xqkssG INTERESTED IN BECOMING A FRIAR? Holy Name Province: https://goo.gl/MXKb2R Find […]