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Fr. Leon Pereira Homily (at Medjugorje)

Source: MarytvMedjugorje via YouTube.

Editor: N.B. Fr. Pereira’s homily starts at 1:30 min. into the video.

A homily from Fr. Leon Pereira in Medjugorje, in which he discusses how the Devil is anatomically ‘challenged’ – how he can’t give life, but only imitates it, can only take what is already created and deforms it. He goes on to say how in modern culture, some writers who lack imagination, follow this principle. He also talks about the Synodal process, the submission of feedback in Ireland by 500 young people to that process, and the critical response to it. He mentions how some clergy have been critical of the commitment from newly ordained Catholic priests to the traditional teaching of the Catholic Church – among other topics.

Header image: MarytvMedjugorje via YouTube