Eucharistic Miracle Poland 2014
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The Land of Faith – Poland ( Eucharistic Miracle)

Source: Harvest of Faith on YouTube

In addition to hosting the World Youth Day in 2016 in Cracow, Poland also celebrates the 1050th anniversary of its conversion to Christianity. Since the year 966 the Catholic Church has played an important religious, cultural and political role in the country. During times of foreign and communism oppression the Catholic Church was a cultural guard in the fight for independence and national survival.

On Christmas Day in 2013 during the first Holy Mass, (in Sokolka) this verse was part of the Gospel reading: The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. (John 1:14) While distributing Holy Communion, by accident one of polish priests dropped the consecrated Host on the floor. He picked it up, and he put it in the Chalice with water to the the Tuberculum to let it to dissolve. Things like this happen sometimes, and usually the Holy host dissolves on its own—but this one did not……………..

N.B. If required, a shorter version (2:43 mins.) of this miraculous incident is available on YouTube here.

Header image: Harvest of Faith on YouTube