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Signs of the Times (Part 3): The 2nd Coming

Source: Salvation is from the Jews via YouTube

In this episode, Roy will continue the discussion of the 2nd Coming, focusing on what is said about it in the Old Testament and in Jewish theology, and the effect of that theology on Jewish belief in Jesus. Topics to be addressed include:

– the prophecies in Daniel 9 to 12
– what the Talmud says about the 1st and 2nd Comings of the Messiah
– the timeline for the end of the world in the Talmud
– Judaism’s response to the “Suffering Servant” (Isa. 53)
– Old Testament and Jewish teaching about life after death, life after the Messiah comes, the end of the world, and the “world to come”

Header image: Fra Angelico, Triptych of The Ascension of Christ, The Last Judgement, apx. 1433 via commons.wikimedia.org