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Courage, Courage, Courage Needed to Endure Passive Purgation

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St. John of the Cross explains that we need two kinds of purgation tomake it to the higher levels of holiness and ultimately heaven. He callsthem active and passive purgation. Active purgation is what we are tryingto do in Lent… take up voluntary penances to overcome ourselves. But,truth be told, we are too weak, too slow and too small of soul inperforming such penances… So, God provides the needed cleansing bysubjecting us to passive purgation. “God sees farther and better than we!When we ask for rest, or for consolation, He prefers to make us heroes;and when it is over, and we look back, we thank Him that ‘not our will,but His has been done.’” (Alban Goodier, Crown of Sorrow). God normallydoes this by allowing us to undergo various trials through our neighborsor even allow the devil and his minions to do things to us as is seen in thelives of many saints (e.g., Job and St. Jean Vianney)… trials, plagues,war, tornadoes, hurricanes…. As we heard in the Gospel today, the devilthat was cast out tries to return with seven more. The soul that loves God will be purified by these attempts of the devil… but the soul that does not love God will be re-possessed. And that means we need Courage to be that victorious soul!

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