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The Shroud of Turin “A FACE to FACE ENCOUNTER with JESUS?”

Source: Molly Smith via YouTube

Editor’s comment: This video is one of the best presentations that I have seen on the Shroud of Turin. I may replace it at a later date if applicable. Please note that David Onysko quotes a valid piece of scripture near the end of the video, about 55:48 mins. in. It is from Romans 10:13 about ‘being saved’, but David then adds his own personal suffix – “period”, which of course implies some Christian’s notion of “once saved, always saved”. If you are Catholic you should be aware that this is not Catholic teaching. You will find other videos on YouTube e.g. Catholic Answers that address this issue. However, the actual scientific evidence given in this presentation is remarkable, and it is for that reason that MediaArk presents this very worthwhile video.

BABL 2020 – David Onysko – The Shroud of Turin “A FACE to FACE ENCOUNTER with JESUS?”

David Onysko, states that the Shroud of Turin is the “most studied object in human history”. He states that there are only two options after all the research that has been done: either it is a man who was crucified exactly the same way as Jesus, or it is Jesus Himself.

Header image: Shroud of Turin via