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The Brown Scapular a Share in Our Lady’s Habit

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How blessed are those who wear the Brown Scapular and take its meaning to heart. It means the faithful soul is willing to climb up the Mountain of God to arrive on Calvary. His Majesty said, “When I am lifted up, I will draw all men to myself.” St. John of the Cross writes, “Whenever God bestows favours he clothes them with … love” (Ascent bk II, ch 29.11). Love draws the beloved. Love attracts and seeks union. Our Lord draws those wearing the Scapular of Our Lady up the mountain to be His beloved disciples. Let’s take our Brown Scapular’s seriously, seeking always to wear them as an extension of Our Lady’s very own clothing… thus marking us out, defining us as her beloved children… called to stand with her at the foot of the cross on Mt. Calvary.

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