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With the Eyes of the Soul: The Life of St. Porphyrios

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PREMIERE: “With the Eyes of the Soul”. We’re happy to announce the long awaited release of our video on the life of Saint Porphyrios, one of Orthodoxy’s most well known contemporary elders who happened to live most of his life working as a priest in a clinic chapel in Athens, Greece. We hope that you enjoy and are inspired by not just his life but also in how he helped and healed many people through his prayers to God. This video is a first for us in the sense that it uses multiple voice actors and presents both a linear narrative about his life intertwined with accounts of healings and wonders that occurred at various times. We welcome your feedback and hope that you will also share the video. Thank you!
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Saint Porphyrios (Bairaktaris) the Kapsokalyvite (7 February 1906 – 2 December 1991) was an Athonite hieromonk known for his gifts of spiritual discernment, a type of clairvoyance which he sometimes called “spiritual television.”

Music Huseyni Pesrev (A. Kyriazis) – Evgenios Voulgaris

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