MediaArk Update: Delivery; Discernment

Delivery of Content

As part of an ongoing process of evaluation, MediaArk may, from time-to-time, experiment with various forms of delivering content. However, we will continue to deliver a summary of posts via eNewsletter at the end of each month.

A complete list of all eNewsletters is available here, as well as a complete list of all posts in Archive form here. New visitors can use the “Subscribe To Our Newsletter” box on the right side of any individual ‘post’ page, which excludes the front or home page.

Discernment when viewing content

Catholic visitors are reminded that certain topics, such those around the New Age movement, or of conversions to Christianity, are not always available from a Catholic perspective. So while it is wonderful that people can come into a relationship with Christ, it tends to be from the point of view of a conversion to Christianity, rather than specifically Catholicism.

Many such Christians may just not be aware of the many false teachings about Catholicism, and so while recounting their experiences may include criticisms of Catholic belief or dogma, unaware that many such criticisms have been challenged and answered by reliable Catholic sources, very often converts to Catholicism themselves e.g. those at Catholic Answers, Trent Horn, Word on Fire, Called to Communion, or at EWTN, to name but a few.

As 1 Thessalonians 5:21 states, we must “Test everything, retain what is good.”

So, when we hear about insights or conversions from other belief systems, we can ‘retain what is good’, learn from those insights, but be aware that some comments may not be correctly understood or interpreted. Answers usually exist elsewhere to those particular queries/criticisms.

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