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The Power of Modest Clothing

Source: Brian Holdsworth via YouTube

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Every now and then something will occur that will incite a debate about modesty in clothing in our culture and this is important because most of us can agree that modesty is a good thing and the reason we know it’s a good thing is because we hate it when people act immodestly around us based on whatever standard we uphold.

We don’t like it when others act arrogantly in proximity to ourselves. Nobody likes it when someone else boasts or brags excessively or flagrantly attempts to capture any and all attention for themselves leaving nothing for the rest of us.

Like for example, nobody likes the person with the one-up story. You know who I mean by this? Like when you’re in a group and you tell a story that you think people will find interesting and then they jump in right after yours with an, “Oh ya, well one time I did something even better.”

So I hope we can all admit that modesty in its various forms is something we can all appreciate as a good that helps us all get along as a society. But what about modesty in how we present ourselves physically and especially in the way we dress?


Header image: Women’s Medieval Renaissance Rococo Dress via