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Thrones of Semana Santa (Tronos de Semana Santa)

Source: Brandon Li via YouTube

Experience Holy Week in Spain, the annual Catholic tribute of the Passion of Christ. The brotherhoods carry massive thrones through the streets to prove their devotion. This short film is an up-close look at this emotionally-charged event.

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Directed by Brandon Li:
📷: 🎭

Additional Cinematography by Odissey Productions: 📷:

Additional Cinematography by Carlos Baca Moreno-Torres:

Location Assistance by Jan Ben:

Oliver Michael “Witness”
Kerry Muzzey & Simone Benyacar “The Rising Tide”
Z1 “Bedlam”
Jeff Heim “Emotional Trailer Music”
Ryan Taubert “Faint Frequencies”
Kevin Graham “Muir”

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Header image: Brandon Li via YouTube