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Fulton J Sheen interviews Richard Wurmbrand

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This is a an extraordinary meeting of two of the twentieth century’s great spiritual figures — one a Protestant, the other Catholic — who were close friends and dynamic collaborators for Christ and His gospel for much of their lives. Each drew their worldwide influence from holiness forged in the furnace of suffering. Each brought countless souls to Christ, and continues to do so. Their friendship is witness that true followers of Christ cannot help but be close to one another.

Archbishop Fulton Sheen, the first of the televangelists, continues to be the most influential Catholic evangelist of the past 100 years. His books, videos and recordings remain best sellers more than 30 years after his death, and his cause for canonization is underway.

Pastor Richard Wurmbrand suffered intensely in Communist prisons for his Christian beliefs. In the depths of brutal torture and years of solitary confinement he had a vision like that of the Apostle Stephen. Wurmbrand wrote:

We didn't see that we were in prison. We were surrounded by angels; we were with God. We no longer believed about God and Christ and angels because Bible verses said it. We didn't remember Bible verses anymore. We remembered about God because we experienced it. With great humility we can say with the apostles, "What we have seen with our eyes, what we have heard with our ears, what we have touched with our own fingers, this we tell to you."

Pastor Wurmbrand dedicated his life to the cause of martyrs throughout the world and founded the international organization, Voice of the Martyrs. One of his many books, Tortured for Christ is a Christian classic. – Daniel Cassidy

The Voice of the Martyrs is a non for profit christian organization founded in United States by
Pastor Richard Wurmbrand. One of the purpose of the organization is to raise awareness of the so many christian believers that are killed, tortured and imprisoned annually for their beliefs. The organization is funded by churches and individual donations, which are used for providing Bibles and christian literature, radio broadcasting, blankets, food, and other types of aids based on specific needs.…

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