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Saving Catholic Youth

Source: True Faith TV via YouTube

Gabriel, a youth minister, goes over his ministry’s evangelisation programme, which introduces young people to the teachings of the Catholic Church, apologetics, prayer, the Rosary, Eucharistic adoration among many other faith-based activities.

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00:36 Prayer
01:38 Lepanto
03:31 Youth
03:57 The Role of the Priest
05:00 The Eucharist & Confession
07:29 Hiring a Youth Minister
10:59 Frequent Confession
12:59 Consecration
14:22 Spiritual Warfare
17:07 Prayers
19:00 The Scapular
22:09 The Miraculous Medal
25:00 The Rosary
8:54 Holy Water
29:19 Religious Art
32:34 Cor Members
40:00 Faith Formation
45:50 Confirmation
50:35 Retreats

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