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Build Back Better?

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Editor’s Comment: please note that Patrick Coffin’s videos have since been censored and removed by YouTube. Please visit for further information. If Patrick Coffin replaces this video I will link to it here.

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In this video, a follow up of another video on The great Reset (see: ), I ask two simple questions:

1) What do the oligarchs have in store for us now?

2) Have you noticed how certain phrases suddenly come into vogue and everyone’s using them seemingly overnight?

I’m talking about “build back better,” the latest word salad served up by the oligarchs for our consumption.

And like “black lives matter,” “pro-choice,” and
“hate has no home here,” build back better has been designed to be immune to any objections.

I mean, do you want to build back worse? Do you want to build back at all? What’s wrong with you?

Its inciting incident came with:

  • the lockdown due to the largely non-lethal, largely preventable, largely treatable CCP virus that was allowed to make its way all around the world from Wuhan, thanks to the Communist Chinese party.
  • the grinding down of business owners and their families, and the largest spike in suicides ever recorded.
  • the covering up hundreds of millions of human faces so as to live in a smile-free Zombie World.

The concept of “build back better” has a nice ring to it to people who aren’t really paying attention to what’s going on in front of their faces.

What is being “built back” is in fact NOT better but far worse than what has been destroyed by the bizarre overreaction to the CCP virus and the Great Reset being planned as we speak.

Crazy conspiracy theory, right?

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