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The Chosen: Episode One

Source: The Chosen Global Livestream: Episode One via YouTube

Editors’ comment: please note that the stream begins with an introduction by the director to the series, followed by the actual episode which starts at 22:42 mins. into the video.

The Chosen: Episode One – I Have Called You by Name – Eight days. Eight episodes. Live around the world. Join us to watch Season One of The Chosen live, one episode per night, starting with Episode One and culminating with the season finale on Palm Sunday.

Each night will feature an episode, behind the scenes commentary from Dallas, a live appearance from a different special guest actor from the show, and your live chat with others around the world.

Tonight is Episode One, “I Have Called You By Name,” the episode that introduces us to our main characters and the setting of Capernaum before Jesus makes his entrance in the most powerful way possible. Following the episode, we will introduce you to special guest Liz Tabish, the featured star of Episode One!

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