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Quickly Discovery God’s Will For Your Life (3 Tips)

Source: Catholic Minute via YouTube

Discovery God’s Will for your life, quickly! Have you ever been afraid of missing out on Gods plan for your life? Sometimes discerning the will of God can seem so mysterious and out of reach. However it is possible because God desires to reveal it!

Recently I was reading an old prayer journal from 20 years ago. I notice in the pages a consistent prayer I was praying to God, “Lord, show me your will”, then the next page, “God what is your will for your my life?” There seemed to be an anxiety of not knowing what God wanted over me and a desire not to miss out.

I wish I would have known then some of the things that I know now. That knowing and discerning the will of God in some respects is very practical and common sense.

The first thing to note about discovering Gods will is that He reveals it through the duties of our present circumstance. Each state of life carries with it responsibilities. God wills that we fulfill these duties with excellence. This is our path to holiness. St. Josemaria Escriva, said “Great holiness consists in carrying out the little duties of each movement.” Knowing God’s will is possible. It is right before us.

In religious monasteries, when the monastic bell would ring, it indicated to the religious community a call to action. Sometimes the ringing of the bell meant it was time to pray. At other times, it mean it was time for a common meal. But it was understood bell was revealing the next duty of life, which was God’s will. The RULE OF SAINT BENEDICT SAYS:
“God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Cor. 9:7). God will not be pleased by the monk who obeys grudgingly, not only murmuring in words but even in his heart. For even if he should fulfill the command, his performance would not be pleasing to God who listens to his complainings. (Chapter 5. Obedience)

In the married life we have many monastic bells. Mine have names. The names of my children. Through them, God reveals to me his will for my life. Serving them, loving them, and helping them to heaven is my primary responsibility as a Father. Therefore, God’s will is simple to discern. Fulfilling my role as a Father is filling God’s will for my life.

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