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IRELAND’S FALL: THE ABORTION DECEPTION – how the elites killed the right to life

Source: Life Institute via Vimeo

A powerful, compelling, must-see documentary from Tim Jackson tells the inside story of the 2018 abortion referendum – and offers hope in rebuilding a pro-life future.

Outside influence and interference

What caused a pro-life nation to repeal the right-to-life of its most helpless members and introduce abortion on demand? 
How was the deceptive narrative around the abortion issue so carefully spun, who drove it, and what foreign funding paid for it? 
What was the role of Big Tech like Facebook and Google in arresting the fall in the Yes vote just a week ahead of the vote? 
What can new evidence tell us about how the result was achieved?

Commentator and reporter Tim Jackson investigates this and more in Ireland’s Fall: The Abortion Deception, which looks at how the elites repealed the right to life of preborn babies. 

He talks to campaigners, commentators and experts about the media campaign, the false narratives, and Big Tech interference in the vote.

See compelling evidence from Prof Robert Epstein, Barrister Maria Steen, Campaigner John McGuirk and more. Watch journalists David Quinn, Larissa Nolan, and professor of psychiatry Gerard Casey, examine the role of media, cultural change, and cognitive dissonance. Listen to Dr Seosamh Ó Ceallaigh, Niamh Uí Bhriain, Vicky Wall, Carolyn O’Meara and others talk about what this moment means for Ireland.

This is the inside story of Ireland’s abortion referendum – and the truths that Yes campaigners want to keep hidden. It’s a gripping, exciting  documentary with some explosive revelations about the role that outside  interference played in the result of a vote that should never have happened: a vote on whether some people can be lawfully killed. 


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Header image: Life Institute via Vimeo