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The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis Doodle (I)

Source: CSLewisDoodle via YouTube

“The devil…and the proud spirit…cannot endure to be mocked.”— Thomas More. “The best way to drive out the devil, if he will not yield to texts of Scripture, is to jeer and flout him, for he cannot bear scorn.” — Luther. (1:45)

Part of the dramatised addition to Lewis’ chapter includes a discussion about the meaning of ‘Natural’, which Lewis showed has many quite different usages. See ‘The Abolition of Man’ (chapter 3), ‘Miracles’ (chapter 2) and ‘Studies in Words’ (chapter 2).

(4:15) One of these abstract, universal truths is the Moral Law: “…this Rule of Right and Wrong, or Law of Human Nature, or whatever you call it, must somehow or other be a real thing—a thing that’s really there, not made up by ourselves. And yet it’s not a fact in the ordinary sense, in the same way as our actual behaviour is a fact. It begins to look as if we’ll have to admit that there’s more than one kind of reality; that, in this particular case, there’s something above and beyond the ordinary facts of men’s behaviour, and yet quite definitely real —a real law, which none of us made, but which we find pressing on us” (Mere Christianity, The Reality of the Moral Law’).

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