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Former Planned Parenthood manager recalls how your prayers save lives.

Source: 40 Days for Life via YouTube

Longtime Planned Parenthood manager Sue Thayer just visited a surgical abortion facility where she used to work to pray for an end to abortion.

On today’s video blog, Sue describes how she used to look out the facility’s windows and watch helplessly as peaceful prayer warriors changed the minds of abortion clients.

Tomorrow’s March for Life is virtual, so grab a friend and head out to your local abortion facility to pray as part of the National 40 Days for Life Sign-Up Day. Find your nearest vigil at

Header image: 40 Days for Life via YouTube

Ever ask #Why Planned Parenthood is evil? Abortion violence is increasing, and all other services are decreasing at Planned Parenthood, but they don’t want you to know the truth. Take, for example, webcam abortions, where non-licensed employees conduct procedures so remote doctors can examine and give women pills to abort her baby. Then, when employees speak up about the injustices being done against living babies, Planned Parenthood fires them and attempts to keep them quiet. These are the facts that the pro-abortion industry won’t tell you. Planned Parenthood is destroying the lives of innocent mothers and innocent babies.


In Memory of Sue Thayer: 1959 – 2021
Our dear friend, 40 Days for Life Outreach Director Sue Thayer, died after courageously battling cancer. Here is my tribute to my friend followed by Sue’s life in her own words.