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The 3 Celebrities Who Gave It All Up to Become Nuns

Source: Jerome Chong via YouTube

What makes a person happy? What makes a life worth living?

Is it money? Fame? Popularity? Or career success?

We all know the answer, even if we don’t always live like we know it. All of these things come up short. There is only one thing – or one person that can make us happy. And that is Our Lord Jesus Christ.

This is the only way to understand what the three woman featured in this video decided to do. Even in the midst of worldly success, they gave it all up to pursue Christ in a more focused way in the Religious life.

Of course one can follow after Jesus without joining a religious order. Some of us are called to go into business, to work in the entertainment industry, and have families etc. But some are called to the radical religious life – and they remind us of what’s really the most important.

We don’t just pop out our head out of the blue and expect to find Jesus. Think of things as being a journey. God puts incidents or certain people in our lives that draws us closer to him. And that’s how God is. He works in a loving and mysterious way. As the great Saint Augustine likes to put it “To seek God is the greatest adventure.”

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