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Doomed to Repeat It – Full Documentary

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All of us have at least a small understanding about what has taken place throughout history when it comes to freedom being taken, attacks against humanity and even the brutality of communist and socialist regimes such as the Nazis in Germany.

However, this is not about the concentration camps or the dictators that have come to power throughout history.

No, this is the story before the story.

How is it that human beings just like you and me went from leading normal lives to weighing 70 pounds and walking into gas chambers by the thousands?

What happened the years before the gas chambers? Before the camps? Before freedoms were taken?

This is that story.
Tyrants, or governments, or elites, can take something already in society and twist it to their advantage using – fear!

Because, those who don’t know history are…

Doomed to Repeat It.

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