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Vancouver doctor has killed more than 400 people by euthanasia, also supports MAiD for mental illness.

Source: Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Reprinted with permission.

Ellen Wiebe

A Vancouver doctor who operates a euthanasia clinic has killed more than 400 people since legalization.

A recent article promoting euthanasia for mental illness alone states that Dr Ellen Wiebe has killed more than 400 people by euthanasia for physical reasons and she also supports euthanasia for mental illness alone.

The article attempts to be balanced by interviewing Psychiatrist Dr John Maher who wants the government to review euthanasia for mental illness alone. The article reports:

“I had a patient who talked to me recently about MAiD who wants to die because he believes no one will ever love him,” Dr Maher told W5.

He said that colleagues have shared similar stories of patients in their care, enquiring about how to stop therapy and qualify one for assisted death.

Dr. John Maher

“The wait times for our treatment programmes in Ontario are up to five years,” Maher said.

Various studies also confirm that there are long waits for mental healthcare across Canada.

“There are cycles of illness. Some of it’s up and down. It might be years. And then there is a burst of illness and suffering that we then take care of,” Maher said.

He says that MAiD for mental illness, is too close to suicide for his comfort.

“You’re assisting someone in the completion of their suicide. The doctor is the sanitised gun,” he said.

One of his key concerns is how anyone can determine if someone with a mental illness is incurable, as is required by the legislation.

“I’m not at all disagreeing that there are people who have an irremediable illness. What I defy you or any other person in the universe to prove to me is that it’s this person in front of you.”

Recently Canada’s Justice Minister told a Toronto Star reporter that he supports euthanasia for mental illness because MAiD is a more humane death than suicide.

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Posted by Alex Schadenberg at 1:36p.m., December 3rd 2022.

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Editor’s comment: normally I don’t include comments to articles, but thought that those below were informative and relevant to the article above.


Unknown said…

Would anyone really want a doctor who has that kind of record – successful killing of patients? My cardiologist could claim to have done thousands of cardiac catheterizations, and when I needed that to check out an aortic abnormality, I was confident in his ability. My Orthopedist who repaired my failed hip prosthesis had done hundreds of these repairs; I was confident in his ability also. But would I want a doctor who could claim to have killed over 400 patients???
Hokey Smoke, Bullwinkle! In the past, we would have called him a Quack. Why is today any different? We can clean up the language, but a spade is still a shovel by function.

Deacon William Orazio Gallerizzo

December 5, 2022 at 1:46 PM

Voice of Gone Ballistic said…

When I spoke to Dr. Wiebe, she told me that she would never euthanatize a person unless all her relatives were supportive.

December 5, 2022 at 2:32 PM

Phillip said…

Harry Willard White was euthanized against his will because his relatives thought he would suffer if he was not euthanized. It was Murder By prescription. After his Cancer operation I kept record and took pictures of my good friend. His scar across the top of his head from ear-to-ear disappeared from the nutrition I provided him. He was back at training he’s golf students. Harry, Nitro and I continue to direct the last Awards dinner for the junior linkster tour on Labor Day September 4th 2017. I have pictures and the scar totally disappeared.

After directing one of his tournaments Harry and Jas we’re doing some shopping for the junior linkster tour when Harry slipped fell. He was taken to the hospital because it knocked him out.
His surgeon thought he had a seizure and prescribed Dilantian and Benadryl. This is a steroid medication that ballooned his already Candida infection up to invasive candidiasis. I call this murder by prescription. The hospital give him another steroid medication dexamethasone. There is a Black Box warning that no one with a yeast infection should be given that medication. I wrote to his doctor and warned him and he ignored me.

Harry was in the hospital receiving daily doses of that medication until the third week. They transferred him to a hospice where they removed all his food and his water and administered morphine for pain. He died Tuesday January 2nd 2018. He wanted to live but his family wanted him to die because they thought he would be in pain. Harry had made plans to go to his alma mater to receive an award. Is that Justice?

December 7, 2022 at 10:21 AM

External link: Ontario: Euthanasia deaths in the first 10 months of 2022 exceed all of last year.
The Office of the Chief Coroner of Ontario released the October 2022 MAiD data which indicates that there were 3213 reported assisted deaths in the first ten months of 2022 which exceeds the 3102 in 2021. There have been 13,011 reported assisted deaths in Ontario since euthanasia was legalized.
Link to article.