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Fr. Chris Alar: Ireland’s Dark Night of the Soul

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‘Fiona’s comment’:
“Hello and welcome back to my channel!
I really hope you enjoy the video!! Divine Mercy Conference available here:…

Fr Chris Alar – Election Outcome States Constitutionalize Abortion and More – We Must Beg for Mercy…
Fr. Chris Alar Inquisition: What Really Happened and Why – Explaining the Faith…
Here are a few videos of Fr. Jim Blount who is speaking at the conference also.

For more just Google Fr. Jim and there is a wealth of videos of Fr. Jim speaking at various locations and on a wide variety of topics. God bless you Fr. Jim! Fr. Jim in Knock , Ireland, Sunday 23rd October 2022…… (Exorcist Fr. Jim Blount Shares His Experience with Souls of the Dead)… (Father James Blount, The Whole World Will be Touched by the Flame of Love)… (Blessing by Fr. Jim Blount SOLT from Medjugorje for all of you)

I will keep you all in my prayers.
God bless you,

Header image: Divine Mercy Conference, Dublin via Fiona in her Kitchen,