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Bible Reveals One World Order Will Fail Globalists

Scripture and Tradition – Fr JM via

8 examples from the OT — unlocked by a key from St Luke’s Gospel — all add up to show the Antichrist will subjugate the world but finally fail before Jesus Christ Who will defeat him and all evil through the Church. Children are under attack by transgenderism and nations by mass immigration. Behind these is satan’s hatred of the natural order and God’s divine order.

๐Ÿ•’ Time stamps ๐Ÿ•ž
0:00 The devil hates the natural order and God’s order
1:57 Cain’s son builds a city (of man)
2:30 Nimrod v. Heber
3:30 Tower of Babel
4:00 72 Disciples — Universal Church
5:05 Moses and the first Sanhedrin
7:33 Cutting off fingers +Jotham toes: destroying sovereignty
10:15 70 or 71 or 72: Nations, City of God, City of man? Jotham v. Abimelech
12:05 Jehu — fearsome day of Jesus’ Judgement
13:57 Abominations in the Roman Curia / Sanhedrin. Ezekiel.
16:18 One World Religion, the Antichrist
18:45 Australian & Ottoman blood split over Israel
23:15 The Good Shepherd: priests, Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus Christ
25:25 The Spirit is Simple, therefore the War is Total

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Editor’s comment: Fr. Mawdsley’s interpretation of scripture and current events are his own, and are posted here for debate and information purposes only.

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