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What is the Nature of Freedom

Source: Alliance for Responsible Citizenship via YouTube.com

Freedom for excellence is “not self-determination. It is the disciplining of desire so as to make the achievement of the good first possible and then effortless.”

RC, the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship, is a global community with a vision of a world where every citizen can prosper, contribute, and flourish.

Join us in building this narrative, rejecting the notion of inevitable decline. Instead, let’s seek solutions that tap into humanity’s highest virtues and remarkable capacity for innovation and ingenuity.

The Alliance for Responsible Citizenship has also published several research papers that accompanied the 2023 conference. If you’d like to go deeper into the ideas from the conference, please read our research papers here: https://www.arc-research.org/research…

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Header image: Alliance for Responsible Citizenship via YouTube.com