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What Are Conservatives Thinking!?!

Source: Brian Holdsworth via YouTube.

Support the channel by visiting In the aftermath of the fallout that Budweiser beer was experiencing among conservative patrons, a new beer company, called “Ultra Right Beer” tried to position itself as a natural alternative.

And to introduce itself to its consumer audience, it launched marketing campaign with a pinup calendar called the “Conservative Dad’s Real Women of America 2024 Calendar” as its centerpiece. And as you’d probably expect, many self-identifying conservatives objected to the idea that a pinup calendar is at all compatible with what it means to be a conservative. But amazingly, this objection was met with opposition by other so-called conservatives, including the high-profile women who posed for the calendar and who are positioned as conservative influencers.

All of which highlighted the fact that if you peak under the label conservative, you will be immediately confronted with a conspicuous divide between those who might be described as Social Conservatives and those who describe themselves as Classical Liberals or Libertarians but all of whom are routinely described by the media as, conservatives.

And it all raises an obvious question for a person like me which is, what is a conservative and what exactly is it that we are conserving? Music written and generously provided by Paul Jernberg. Find out more about his work as a composer here:

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Header image: Brian Holdsworth via YouTube