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Procreating Alone

Source: Kevin Schmiesing via Reprinted with permission. If sexual attraction is one powerful force that God built into the world to counteract the individual’s inclination to self-absorption, then the combination of technological and cultural assaults on this urge doesn’t threaten only the formation of families, the basic unit of […]
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St. Thomas Aquinas – Beware False Prophets

Source: Catholic Culture Audiobooks via YouTube The Angelic Doctor’s very own sermon on how to detect false prophets. Beware! LINKS Article on Aquinas’ preaching style: “What Lessons Do Thomas Aquinas’ Sermons Hold For Modern Preachers?”… Translation courtesy of Catholic University of America Press:… SUBSCRIBE to Catholic Culture Audiobooks […],_named_Caravaggio.jpg
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Agents of Divine Mercy

Source: Bishop Robert Barron via YouTube. Friends, we continue our celebration of the Easter season on this Second Sunday of Easter, Divine Mercy Sunday. Mercy, St. Thomas Aquinas says, is compassion in regard to someone else’s suffering; thus, God’s mercy is his compassion reaching out to us precisely in our […]
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Drinking the Blood of Christ

Source: Bishop Robert Barron via Youtube. Friends, on this Fifth Sunday of Lent, we hear one of the most pivotal passages in the Old Testament: Jeremiah 31:31. Jeremiah knew the long Israelite history of covenant and blood sacrifice, but he prophesies, “The days are coming, says the LORD, when I […]