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Catholics and Protestants Slide Together into Gnostic Private Cults

Source: William Kilpatrick via turningpointproject.com Reprinted with permission The second of a two-part series. Until recently, Protestants were more likely than Catholics to succumb to the Gnostic temptation I described in a recent column. In a 2008 article for Modern Reformation, Philip J. Lee described how both Mainline and “born again” Protestants were […]

Articles, Christianity, Culture, Science & Society

‘Ocean Rights’ Earth Religion Advances in the UN

Source: Wesley J. Smith via humanize.today Reprinted with permission. The “international world order” is increasingly radical in its environmental engagement and anti-human in the policies it promotes. In the great cause of “saving the planet,” scientific precepts and empirical analyses are being cast aside in favor of a neo-earth religious […]

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The Psychopathic Hijacking of Religious Moral Authority

Source: Jordan B Peterson Clips via YouTube. Dr. Peterson and Abigail Shrier discuss the complexities of evil, its various prototypes, and how it often masquerades as benevolence or compassion, manipulating trust and morality. Drawing from literature like Dante’s Inferno and works by Eric Neumann and Jeffrey Burton Russell, Peterson provides […]