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What the Early Church Believed About the Sacraments

If we jumped into a time machine, traveled back to the first centuries of the Church, and asked Christians what they believed about the seven sacraments, would we feel we were among Catholic brethren? Karlo says yes, and he shows, using the writings of the early Fathers, that their belief regarding the sacraments is the same belief the Catholic Church professes today.

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Three Ecclesiastical Lessons from the Quarantine

Source: Bishop Robert Barron via YouTube Friends, in my newest video commentary, I offer three insights on the nature of the Church that have emerged with special clarity during this pandemic. Please watch and share! ———LINKS——— The Quarantine’s Three Lessons about the Church: https://www.wordonfire.org/resources/… Bishop Barron on the Coronavirus, Catastrophe, […]

Baptism of the Neophytes
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The Sacraments Work!

Source: Catholic Answers podcast on catholic.comReprinted with permission MSGR. EUGENE MORRIS Do the sacraments do what they claim to do? Msgr. Eugene Morris defends their efficacy in a world that mostly fails to see them for what they are. Msgr. Morris is a sacramental theologian and a priest of the […]