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Voting for the “lesser of two evils”

Source: Catholic Answers on YouTube

Tim Staples discusses how Catholics can discern voting between two politicians when both candidates support one or more of the non-negotiable moral issues.

Would you like a concise explanation of where the Church stands on five of today’s most important, non-negotiable moral issues?

This important new CD by Tim Staples is an expansion of Catholic Answers’ acclaimed Voter’s Guide for Serious Catholics. And it will help you vote in an informed manner consistent with Catholic moral teaching and fundamental human rights.

All five moral issues discussed on this CD—abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem-cell research, human cloning, and same-sex “marriage”—have been definitively declared by the Church to be objectively and absolutely immoral. And you, as a faithful Catholic, are required to vote against all five and—with only rare exceptions—to vote against politicians who support any of them.

Now, in Five Non-Negotiables, Tim Staples clearly explains:
* Why the Church teaches as it does about these five issues;
* Why the Church’s teachings are binding on all Catholics;
* Why these issues are “black-and-white” and unchangeable;
* Why it’s a serious sin to vote contrary to the moral teaching of the Church on these issues;
* Why these issues trump others—even important ones—when it comes to voting.

Five Non-Negotiables, along with the Voter’s Guide for Serious Catholics, will quickly bring you up to speed on Church teaching about these five crucial political and moral issues.

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