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Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation?

How can the Catholic Church teach that baptism is necessary for salvation when the Bible show people receive the Holy Spirit before baptism and when Paul tells us that Christ did not send him to baptize but to preach the gospel? The author of Meeting the Protestant Challenge, Karlo Broussard, […]

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Can a Christian Meditate?

Source: Catholic Answers via YouTube Meditation, mindfulness, centering — it’s all the rage. But what are the implications of these things for the Christian person? Father Hugh Barbour breaks down what meditation is and why the Church, actually, has a great deal to teach the world about how to get […]

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Why Is Abortion Such an Important Voting Issue?

Source: Catholic Answers via YouTube There are plenty of human rights issues that hold prominent places in our decision-making as voters. Why do Catholics say abortion is the preeminent one, and how does the Church say should that influence our choices? Trent Horn explains. DONATE: https://give.catholic.com/castudiosSUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/catholiccomWEBSITE: https://www.catholic.com/ After his […]

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The Very First Fathers

We’re familiar with the apostles and the authors of the New Testament, but how many of us know the apostolic Fathers? They were the Christian leaders who followed immediately the age of the apostles, and many of them knew and interacted with Jesus’ original disciples. Who were they, why are they important to our Faith, and what startling revelations are contained in their writings? This talk is an excerpt from the 2019 Catholic Answers Annual Conference.