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CA Live: Paul Darrow & Jimmy Akin Open Forum

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HOUR 1: Paul Darrow – Accompanying Those with Same-Sex Attraction
HOUR 2: Jimmy Akin – Open Forum

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00:00:00 – We will begin shortly
00:00:57 – Introduction
00:13:26 – Can you give me advice on how to successfully discuss these matters with someone who is having a crisis of faith and trying to make Christianity fit with the gay lifestyle?
00:20:32 – Could people living in a publicly known same-sex relationship serve in public ministry like lecturing?
00:30:49 – It feels as though the bigotry of the Catholic faith is a cause for the high suicide rate in the gay community. Where is the compassion for these people?
00:40:07 – What are your thoughts on Catholic ministries that support all aspects of the LGBT lifestyle?
00:46:24 – How do I relate and love my son who lives out his SSA while holding my ground?
00:52:34 – I have SSA and what made it difficult for me to return to the faith was by how mean Catholics were, especially online. What advice can you give so we can welcome people?

00:55:57 – 5-minute break
01:00:57 – Welcome back!

01:07:07 – Why did Jesus pick John and James to witness the Transfiguration?
01:12:47 – Jesus made a strong statement towards Judas “better not to have been born.” What is your interpretation of that verse?
01:19:57 – We hear that all the angels and saints are always present at Mass. What does that look like on a practical level since Mass is happening across the world?
01:28:46 – Constantine founded Catholicism, and he was a pagan sun god worshiper.
01:32:45 – If a Catholic couple is civilly married but only one of them wants to get married in the Church, what are their options?
01:37:19 – At my parish they are introducing a new model where there is no longer a pastor. They will put a lay person in charge. What is your view on this?
01:43:09 – Why did the Transfiguration happen? Was it in any way related to Jesus’ Baptism since those are the only 2 places God speaks?
01:46:29 – Without the act of betrayal of Jesus, would the passion have happened? Is his life an example of the consequences of free will?
01:50:10 – Jesus’ greeting towards Nathaniel seemed light-hearted. Does this affect the Catholic Church and how they view Nathaniel?

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