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Charlie Deist on the Post-Covid-19 RESET

Source: Way of Beauty, Episode 65: Charlie Deist on the Post-Covid-19 RESET via YouTube

This conversation was sparked off by Charlie’s newsletter for anaturalmethod.com. He is imagining how we can respond personally to what is happening and build community and live more healthily. In his outlook, we don’t need expensive, spas, gyms or meditation centers. Just people and the outdoors. This is an approach that a parish could initiate to create a community around their spiritual and educational activities regardless of the facilities they have.

If you live in the Bay Area:

Join Charlie’s natural movement meetup. We will continue to meet at a safe social distance for as long as the lockdowns last (and beyond). meetup.com/naturalmvmnt

If not:

Subscribe to his newsletter for weekly(ish) reflections on health and economics, plus practical functional fitness tips: anaturalmethod.com

Header image: Sam Beasley via unsplash.com