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Did Pope Francis Say All are Saved? What is Justification?

Source: Dr. Taylor Marshall via YouTube

In his sermon on May 4, 2020 Pope Francis taught that Christ’s death “justifies” everyone:

Big, small, rich, poor, good and bad. All. This “all” is the vision of the Lord who died for all. “But did he die for that wretch who made my life impossible?” He died for him too. “And for that brigand?”: He died for him. For everyone” The Lord died for all. And also for people who do not believe in Him or are of other religions: he died for everyone. That does not mean that proselytism must be done: no. But He died for everyone, He justified everyone.

Saint Paul said something similar in Romans? What is justification and did Christ justify all or some? Dr. Taylor Marshall examines the Pope’s sermon and compares it to Saint Paul’s Epistle to the Romans.

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