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Trent Horn: Why Are You Pro-Choice?

Source: Catholic Answers Live via YouTube




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BOTH HOURS: Trent Horn – Why Are You Pro-Choice?

13:07: Daniel, Ohio

Q: Where do you draw the line?

Q: 22:38 – Mother’s choice?

29:20 Brad, off-air
Q: Are you willing to compromise on contraception to limit abortions?

33:33: Alex, West Virginia

Q: Cost of child rearing vs. cost of abortion?

Missed call: Zachary, Georgia

48:25 Cy Kellet, studio
Q: We are not murdering the child, we are sending that child to heaven? Gathering embryonic cells.

A: Trent’s response, studio (Ref. George Orwell article)

51:11 Lindsay (no location)

Q: While abortion is not right – but mother will have difficult choices to make?

[Commercial break]

1:00:43 Lindsay returns to question

1:19:42 Zachary, Atlanta, Georgia

Q: Book of Numbers, Ch.5 v.11-31, where a husband suspects his wife of being unfaithful – she drinks the ‘bitter water’. What does it mean?

[Commercial Break]

1:28:33 Clarification on Numbers, Ch.5 and Is an abortion okay if it results from adultery?

1:34:28 John, Lincoln, Nebraska

Q: Was pro-life, but now says that if a woman economically can’t afford to have a child and raise it to age 18, then there is no reason he sees for her not to have an abortion.

1:45:45 Jacob, Wisconsin

Q: Legality of abortion and notion of policing morality?

1:54:33 Show Ends.

Header image: Trent Horn, Catholic Answers Live via YouTube