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David vs. Goliath: Gab’s Andrew Torba battles to compete with Twitter

Source: Robbie & Kim Sheik via YouTube

Editor’s comment: Andrew Torba, a Christian entrepreneur involved in social media is interviewed by TruNews. Because of a technical issue, the host briefly talks about a publication entitled ‘Final Day’. As this is not part of the main interview, viewers are advised to use their discretion when evaluating such publications.

Andrew Torba of says:
“I gave an exclusive 30 minute interview to @RickWiles of @TRUNEWS about Gab’s story and my own personal testimony. I hope you find some time during the holiday weekend to check it out. You’ll learn about the history of Gab, why we started Gab, how we overcame the attacks and blacklisting we’ve experienced, and more”.

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Header image: Robbie & Kim Sheik via YouTube