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Christians ‘have a responsibility’ to stop the Marxist revolution: Brigitte Gabriel

Source: LifeSiteNews.com via YouTube Today marks the official launch of LifeSite’s brand new series Uncensored: Big Tech vs. Free Speech. In this short interview Brigiette Gabriel talks about the how the mainstream media, new media, and various socio-political organisations control the narrative by defaming and accusing traditional, conservative or Christian […]

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Professionals Unite Covid19

Source: Anna Brees via YouTube Anna Brees, an ex-BBC and ITV broadcast journalist, talks about the lack of balance in both the mainstream and new media outlets. Professionals from all over the world join together to put forward their views and evidence on the Covid19 crisis. This is a summary […]

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Prominent clergy, laity issue statement exposing coronavirus plot for ‘world govt’

Catholic clergy led by former papal nuncio Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, Gerhard Ludwig Mueller, Joseph Zen, and Janis Pujats have joined an appeal “for the Church and the world” that warns that the COVID-19 pandemic is being used as a “pretext” by world leaders to “control” people, strip them of their fundamental rights, while providing a “disturbing prelude to the realization of a world government beyond all control.

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David vs. Goliath: Gab’s Andrew Torba battles to compete with Twitter

Andrew Torba of Gab.com says
“I gave an exclusive 30 minute interview to @RickWiles of @TRUNEWS about Gab’s story and my own personal testimony. I hope you find some time during the holiday weekend to check it out. You’ll learn about the history of Gab, why we started Gab, how we overcame the attacks and blacklisting we’ve experienced, and more”.