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The Truth about Tuam Babies.

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Editor’s comment: there are some occasional wind noise issues, but please stick with the video as the story gives an entirely different perspective to that of the mainstream media.

In the summer of 2014 a scandal arose in relation to the Tuam Children’s Home in Co. Galway in Ireland. It was alleged that the nuns who looked after children there from 1925-61 had maltreated them.

In this video, historians Eugene Jordan and Brian Nugent shed a whole new light on the story.

Video: Robert Pierzynski Photojournalis……

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THE TRUTH ABOUT THE TUAM SCANDAL WITH DAVID O’REILLY (FIXED AUDIO) – First half an hour covers similar ground to above but then discusses how the secular world in Ireland, including the media, politicians, the health & legal systems are becoming more authoritarian, while the Catholic Church seems to be in submission to the state.
So, if you have listened to the video above, you can skip to the 33rd minute in this video for a perspective on the Tuam story and the state of Ireland and Christianity today.
Link: Computing Forever.