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St. Maria Goretti’s Martyrdom & Legacy of Forgiveness

Source: EWTN via YouTube

St. Maria Goretti’s Martyrdom & Legacy of Forgiveness | EWTN Vaticano

In Nettuno, Italy, discover the full story of St. Maria Goretti’s Martyrdom and act of mercy in forgiving her murderer, Alessandro Serrenelli.

Maria Goretti was canonized in the presence of her Mother and siblings in Saint Peter’s Square on July 6, 1950. Pope Pius XII proclaimed her the patron saint of chastity and victims of sexual violence.

In 2019, the city of Nettuno celebrayted 90 years since the liberation of Alessandro Serenelli from imprisonment. They made this flowered carpe not only to remember him, but also to give thanks for Marietta’s heroic forgiveness and Alessandro’s liberation from the prison of sin.

Header image: EWTN via YouTube

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