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What’s a Sign from God (and What Isn’t)

Source: Ascension Presents via YouTube

Signs are often tricky and fuzzy. They’re not always such a good tool for helping you make a decision.

Let’s be honest: we want shortcuts. We want God to do the hard work and make big decisions for us. Doing God’s will is the purpose of life, but that does not mean he is going to just reveal exactly what you ought to do. That would violate our freedom.

God speaks in clarity, not fuzziness. If he is telling you to do something, there will be no doubt that he is telling you. This kind of sign, however, is rare because in order to be a disciple of Christ—at some point—we have to make the tough decision to follow him on our own. There are steps that can help in this process:

1) Gather the data.
2) Seek counsel.
3) Weigh all the options and risks.
4) Take the responsibility for the decision you need to make.

If you follow those steps, the decision will be clear. God wants us to use our intellects to make decisions. He wants us to be stewards of our own lives. We can base our decisions on the facts rather than mere feelings and fuzzy signs.

If you would like more help making any kind of decision in your life, try the book, Pray, Decide, and Don’t Worry ( by Bobby and Jackie Angel with Fr. Mike Schmitz.

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