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At Our Side The Hidden Ministry of Our Guardian Angels

Source: Napa Institute via YouTube

Fr. Ambrose Criste, O. Praem, discusses what we know about the existence of angels, given both in scripture and throughout the centuries by various mystics including St. Padre Pio and St. Theresa of Avila among others. Angels he explains are pure spirit, incredibly powerful, are able to be with us and behold the face of God simultaneously. At the moment of our birth we are each given one for life. However, there are also demons to content with, but this is where we can call on our personal Guardian Angel to both help, and intercede for us against them. Guardian Angels are also involved in all the affairs of our lives, and we should ask them to both guide and help us in all our decision making, as well as all the activities and events of our lives. This does not supplant petitions to God, but both the scriptures and the Church teaches us that God delights in using and sharing his providence via the angels, the saints in heaven, and indeed each other. Everything comes through God regardless. Angels also have the ability to interact with matter in ‘our physical’ world and Fr. Ambrose gives several stories about such assistance through the accounts of the lives of the saints, but also somewhat humorously within his very own order. Fr. Ambrose encourages us to talk and pray to our Guardian Angels, and to those Guardian Angels of people for whom we wish to pray for. Fr. Ambrose states that there is a Guardian Angel for everything that is created, and even one for each nation, through whom we can seek intercession for that nation.

Header image: St. Michael the archangel via wikimedia.org