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Ralph Martin – Shocking Warnings Part 2

Source: Ralph Martin via YouTube
Link: Ralph Martin – Shocking Warnings, Part 1 via YouTube

Ralph Martin quoting scripture texts highlights how we are living in perilous times, where the only way to cope with the impending chastisement is to completely place our trust in the Lord. Many people have rejected God, refusing to ‘see what was obvious to see, and to hear what was obvious to hear’. He recounts that once you see what was predicted happen it is time to “get out of the city”. This happened to Jerusalem where one million, one hundred thousand people were slaughtered but some, mostly Christians, had left four years earlier and went to Petra, and so escaped the destruction of Jerusalem that Christ had predicted. Many today are refusing to read the ‘signs of the times’.

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Header image: The Siege and Destruction of Jerusalem in 70ad via borntowin.net