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The Amazing Story of Our Lady of Prayer: Apparitions of Our Lady of L’Île-Bouchard

Editor’s comment: Please also see Fr. Mark Goring’s short video on a similar theme “Children will save the World“.

Source: Sensus Fidelium via YouTube

Thirty years after the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima, as predicted wars and the ‘errors of Russia’ (communism among many other false ideologies) followed. Russia emerged as a superpower and “while many countries were liberated from the Swastika, many were cruelly subjugated to the Hammer and Sickle”. With these erroneous ideologies spreading across Europe, France experienced a Communist workers revolt, a general strike and an encroaching ideology that threatened France’s existence as an independent nation. Into this mayhem the Virgin Mary appeared to a small group of young school children at L’Île-Bouchard, requesting them to pray the rosary in order to save France from grave danger. type SF15 at Checkout for 15% off

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