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The Amazing Story of Our Lady of Prayer: Apparitions of Our Lady of L’Île-Bouchard

Source: Sensus Fidelium via YouTube Thirty years after the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima, as predicted wars and the ‘errors of Russia’ (communism among many other false ideologies) followed. Russia emerged as a superpower and “while many countries were liberated from the Swastika, many were cruelly subjugated to the…

David L. Gray, Gravitar--https://1.gravatar.com/avatar/782ba0c4dd642ab53d0a8d03666f9082?s=200&d=mm&r=g---Rome by @photoholgic-https://unsplash.com/photos/gGLU60Ru2L0
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Freemasonry and the Catholic Church

Patrick Coffin talks to former ‘high-level’ Freemason David L. Gray, who outlines the reasons why Catholics cannot belong to the Masonic order. Freemasonry ‘sells’ the notion of how someone can become a ‘better’ person through self-determination, and puts itself above all other religions, which it regards as mere individual’s opinions. Individuals are entitled to belong to those religions, which are regarded as mere opinions of the individuals, but the Grand Master of them all, is Freemasonry itself, a form of ‘wheelhouse’ above all other religions. Thus it excludes both Jesus Christ and grace.

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Marxism and the Catholic Church

Source: Church Militant via YouTube Find Tim Gordon here: https://www.timothyjgordon.com/ ollow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/timotheeology?ref… Learn more about The Acton Institute here: https://www.acton.org/ Follow Rev. Robert Sirico on Twitter: https://twitter.com/robertsirico Get the truth. Join Church Militant today: https://bit.ly/37rYn55 The Vortex, Headlines, The Download, Mic’d Up and more Catholic content! Go…