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Iceland Volcano, New Dead Sea Scrolls & God’s Wrath?

Source: Fr. Mark Goring via YouTube

Editors note: When Fr. Mark Goring, CC refers to the “pic-pic”, he is talking about the word ‘vaccine’. However, because of YouTube and Google’s censorship rules, even questioning the validity of a global vaccine can lead to having your YouTube video removed, a warning issued, or indeed suspension from the platform.

Fr. Mark Goring, CC discusses the recent find of new ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’ found in Israel (via Science News), which confirm two verses from Scripture [Zachariah Ch.8: 16,17]. He posits the notion that perhaps God in His divine providence has given us these verses at this particular time for a ‘reason’. “Speak the truth to one another… do not love perjury”. He asks “what are the big fat lies, that are being pushed, imposed upon us? And if you try to speak out against them, you get cancelled, you get shut down”… “that are ruining people’s lives”. He asks is it a good idea to give everyone in the world the “pic-pic” right now?

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Header image: new Dead Sea Scrolls via